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As host of Blitz 2017, Nick Cannon pretty much has free reign to address the things that are most important to him. Right now, that would be both his mental and spiritual growth as well as that of his community. Reacting to hearing Treach say he “channeled 2Pac” for his fiery speeches about social justice, Nick says, “I got to, man. We out here for the people, for the culture. Especially at this point, too. I reached a level in my career and a level of my bank account, I don’t really care what a lot of other people got to say. Especially when it comes to my community. I gotta show people how to go get it, man, and be unapologetic about being Black and being strong. We out here.”

He also talks about his poetic protest video, “Stand For What”: “I’m on the front line all the time. I’ve been at every protest. I’ve been a part of every movement with Black Lives Matter – from St. Louis, Charlottesville, all that. And I’ve been capturing everything. And I just got fed up. Because people are getting distracted. They’re letting the sensationalism and Trump and all this stuff take all of our minds and focus off the idea that they’re treating Black men like property. That they’re putting them in cages. That they’re killing them without no repercussions. There’s literal murders are going on, and people are walking from it. And nobody’s saying nothing. That was the true reason why Colin was kneeling.”

Damn. Pretty deep. Peep the rest of his comments, above.

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