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From the day I found out that Black Panther was coming to theaters, I was excited to see the film!

I haven’t been amped to see a film since Hidden Figures. As a New Year’s Resolution, I promised myself that I was going to see every major film in 2018. Now whether it will be in theaters OR on my best friend’s neighbor’s second cousin’s firestick – is COMPLETELY my business..don’t judge me! 🙂

But here are three reasons I can’t wait to see this one:

  1. This is will be my first Marvel movie that I’m really “into.” I’m really not an action film type girl. I usually am a sucker for the romantic comedies, drama, and the historically and culturally relevant movies – so this is REALLY out of my box and I’m actually pretty pumped to experience something new!
  2. The trailer kicks butt! Everything looks so futuristic, cool, mysterious….and SEXY! Chadwick Boseman is so freaking gorgeous in EVERY MOVIE he’s in! But outside of his looks, his acting skills are impeccable, and I can’t wait to see how he makes Black Panther his own, for crying out loud the man was JACKIE ROBINSON, JAMES BROWN, and THURGOOD MARSHALL.  Is MLK next?!
  3. As if we needed another reason, Kendrick Lamar is PRODUCING and CURATING the entire album. I have one word to sum the soundtrack up with….LIT! We premiered his new song with SZA, “All The Stars” on 92.7 The Block last week and the response has been great – not to mention it’s my favorite song on the radio right now!

Bottom line, I’ll be in the theaters on Feb. 16 and you be should too!