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Love and Hip-Hop New York’s Ratchets from up top are still in St. Maarten and the drama continues. Jaquae meets up with Bri to see what her deal is with Kiyanne. According to Bri, all Kiyanne does is talk smack about her on social media. According to Kiyanne, all Bri does is talk smack about her on social media. They just can’t get right and of course, start going back and forth bickering.


Anyway, their conversation ends with Bri flipping a table on Kiyanne (because Kiyanne pokes Bri by saying her grandmother was going to die soon) at that beautiful resort restaurant. Bri calms down as security breaks them up but Kiyanne gets even more riled up like a Tasmanian Devil. Jaquae is so mortified that he leaves both women, but at the same time, he should have known better.

Later on, Kiyanne explains what happened to Mariahlynn and Mariahlynn actually gives her sound advice, which is that she’s dead wrong. Eventually, Kiyanne apologizes to Jaquae and he agrees to start over. However, this is about to go left again. Hold your horses on that though.


It’s the last night in St. Maarten and Yandy hosts a dinner for the group. It’s Safaree, Jonathan, Yandy, Juju, Jaquae, and Bri (Kiyanne doesn’t come and it’s for the best). Yandy mentions how Anais went missing last night and then Jaquae says that she was with him.


They all look at him sideways because you know what the conclusion is. However, Jaquae says nothing happened. They just shared some hookah and chatted about their troubles. Anais shows up to dinner later but leaves shortly after Safaree asks what happened with Jaquae because she is not about that life right now. The good news from this dinner is that Mariahlynn and Bri finally squash their beef.

Back in NYC, Jaquae kicking it with Safaree, Snoop, Rich Dollaz and DJ Self discussing what went down in St. Maarten. Jaquae explains what happened between Kiyanne and Bri and Safaree let’s it slip that Anais ended up in Jaquae’s room. But Rich doesn’t even sweat it. He’s done with Anais for good. Jaquae maintains that nothing happened, but wait until Kiyanne finds out.

That moment finally arrives at the end of the episode. Jaquae explains that she was on one side of the bed and he was on the other and again maintains that nothing happened. Kiyanne is looking at him wondering if she has “idiot” written across her forehead. That’s when Jaquae reveals that Anais showed him her vagina before they got in bed.


Kiyanne obviously gets even more pissed off, but the good news is, she doesn’t start swinging. She walks away from him and tells him he messed up. Jaquae chases her and asks her to allow him to fix it. Kiyanne has trust issues and Sophia lied to him so he gets how she feels, kind of. Jaquae owns his mistake and begs her to forgive him, once again, but she is not with it, especially when Kiyanne notices Safaree, Snoop, Self, and Rich, who are doing a terrible job of hiding, creeping around watching the entire thing (they’re in a park). She thinks he’s playing games and swiftly leaves. Again, he’s lucky she didn’t swing on him.


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