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When will this deadly, racist cycle against black bodies ever end? In a recent disturbing case that follows the same heartbreaking formula as those before it, an unarmed black teen was shot and killed by police in Los Angeles.

As reported by The Grio, L.A. Sheriff’s Deputies shot and killed 16-year-old Anthony Weber, who they claim was armed with a gun at the time of the incident, however there was no weapon found at the scene. This is the same familiar turn of events that has seen the deaths of endless black men and women, with seemingly no solution.

Via The Grio:

Two deputies responded to a 911 call in which the caller said that he was afraid for his life when he saw a young man pointing a gun at a motorist. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Capt. Chris Bergner said at a news conference said that the responding deputies saw the teenager, who matched the description, and saw that he had a gun tucked into his pants.

Bergner said that the teenager ignored deputies’ commands and ran into an apartment complex that was apparently known to be a gang hideout. Deputies chased the teenager until they say he turned toward them. He was then shot “several times” in the upper body by a deputy who fired ten shots, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Although the deputies did not identify the victim in the police shooting reportedly because he is a minor, they did insist that they saw a gun on him and said that he was an alleged gang member. They also insisted that witnesses corroborated their account.

The police are sticking to their account that Weber was armed even though no weapon was found, as they believe it was removed by a witness. Bergner stated, “While waiting for backup, and trying to control the situation, it’s believed that somebody may have taken the gun that was in the possession of the juvenile at the time of the incident.”

As a result of the discrepancies and conflicting accounts, Anthony Weber’s death is now officially under investigation.


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