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Listen To Black Women Ep. 1

Source: HelloBeautiful / MadameNoire

Podcasts have emerged as a powerful medium, offering a platform for individuals to share stories, insights, and perspectives on a wide range of topics. Among the diverse voices in the podcasting landscape, Black women-led podcasts hold a unique and vital place. These shows provide a much-needed space for Black women to amplify their voices, share their experiences, and discuss issues often overlooked or marginalized in mainstream media.

From conversations about social justice and feminism to exploring Black culture, history, and personal journeys, Black women-led podcasts are crucial in challenging narratives, empowering listeners, and fostering community and representation. In this era of podcasting, these shows offer an authentic and invaluable perspective, inviting listeners to engage in meaningful dialogue and gain new insights into the Black female experience.

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10 Black Women-Led Podcasts To Add To Your Roster ASAP  was originally published on

1. Listen To Black Women Podcast

Listen To Black Women Podcast Source:MadameNoire

The Listen to Black Women Podcast is a safe space for Black women to sound off and control their narrative. From intimate topics like bedroom behavior to going 50/50 with your partner, the hosts cover it all. Shamika Sanders, HelloBeautiful’s managing editor, shares the mic with Taryn Finley, Chris Miss, and Jessie Woo.

2. Revolt’s Black Girl Stuff Podcast

Black Girl Stuff is dedicated to addressing pressing topics that directly impact the lives of young Black women, aligning with REVOLT’s unwavering commitment to empowering Black audiences. This podcast serves as a dynamic platform for influential changemakers within the culture, allowing their voices to be heard and their stories to be shared. By amplifying these powerful voices, Black Girl Stuff plays a vital role in fostering empowerment and initiating meaningful discussions around the experiences and challenges faced by young Black women. One of the co-hosts, Tori Brixx, told HB, “If you’re not watching Black Girl Stuff, you’re missing out. We keep you updated culturally, and we don’t give you watered-down news. We’re a platform that uplifts & informs you on real NEWS, Hot Topics, & the Hottest Trends. We even go in the comments to see what’s on your mind, and we have some of your fav celebrities joining in! Plus, I’m on there, so TUNE IN!”

3. Introvert N The City Podcast

Created by Marsha B., the Introvert ‘N The City podcast began as a platform for captivating interviews with individuals who possess intriguing stories. However, it has since evolved into a series primarily focusing on astrology called “New Moon, Who Dis.” The podcast delves into the power of the new moon energy and guides listeners on manifesting their desires throughout the moon cycle. Janine from NRG Elevation joins as the co-host, adding her unique perspective. With episodes released a day or two before each new moon, the podcast provides affirmations, rituals, journal prompts, tarot card readings, and insightful information about the energy surrounding the moon. It serves as a valuable resource for harnessing the new moon’s energy to manifest positive change in one’s life.

4. Therapy for Black Girls Podcast

Join Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, a licensed Psychologist, as she hosts the enlightening Therapy for Black Girls Podcast. This weekly conversation focuses on various aspects of mental health, personal development, and the transformative power of small decisions in our journey toward self-improvement. Dr. Joy provides valuable insights, practical tips, and effective strategies to enhance your mental well-being. Delving beyond the surface, she demystifies the therapy process, offering a glimpse into what occurs during therapy sessions. Listeners also have the opportunity to have their questions answered, fostering a supportive community dedicated to mental health and personal growth.

5. Black Style Anecdotes

Do you ever see stylish Black women and wonder… How did she put it together? Why does she make these style choices? Was she just born stylish? What are her style must haves? What is her story?! The Black Style Anecdotes podcast explores those answers. It is a podcast where Black women share their style stories. BSA Creator Rocquelle Porch told us, “I enjoy fashion, but I LOVE style, so this podcast allows me to blend two things love, Black women, and great style. As an avid podcast listener, I couldn’t find many style podcasts, and certainly, none featuring Black women, so I created the thing I wish existed.” She continues, “I believe Black women are the architects of style…the originators of trends…the flyest of all. I use Black Style Anecdotes to shine a light on how style is influenced by past and present parts of Black culture and to simply learn about the inspiration, experiences, and more that help make each of my guests so fly.”

6. Hustle & Shine podcast

Hustle & Shine podcast Source:Courtesy of Hustle & Shine

The Diamond Writers is an exclusive space that fosters and empowers women writers, bloggers, and creators. It is a part of Transparent Gem Inc, and its primary goal is to uplift and amplify women’s voices, allowing them to share their stories and cultivate their personal brands. The Hustle & Shine Podcast is a dynamic weekly show that comprises four distinct sub-shows. Each month, a different panel member takes the lead and hosts their own show. “The MV Pen,” hosted by Mel V, presents doses of reality with a segment titled “Truth Hurts.” Once a month, Lady J A invites guest diamonds to join her for an exhilarating episode called “The Diamond Heist.” Tiffany Mathias, also known as “The Fionix,” brings a fiery energy to the airwaves with her show “Hot Tea w/Fionix.” Lastly, Natima Sheree, the founder of She-EO and known as the “Queen Pen,” concludes the month with the soothing “WINSday Winedown.” Each episode of the podcast aims to initiate meaningful conversations, inspire introspection, and provide support for personal growth.

7. Be Your Own Health Hero Podcast

Be Your Own Health Hero is an empowering podcast that inspires you to take charge of your health journey and become the hero of your own story. Recognizing that quality health and wellness should be accessible to all, this podcast delves beyond the typical focus on exercise and nutrition. By listening to insightful experts, you can break free from endlessly searching Dr. Google or being swayed by fleeting Instagram trends. Explore various topics, including health, wellness, fitness, exercise, self-care, mindfulness, and motivation. It’s time to embrace a holistic approach to your well-being and discover the tools and knowledge to become the hero of your own health narrative.

8. Black Girl Bravado Podcast

“We are transforming the lives of Black women through sisterhood, healing, and collective growth,” is the tagline for this Black women-led podcast. Black Girl Bravado is a wellness podcast that prioritizes the holistic well-being of Black women. With a mission to foster a safe and inclusive space, this podcast aims to allow Black women to be truly seen, heard and understood. If you seek a supportive community tailored to your unique experiences and needs, look no further. The Black Girl Bravado is here to embrace and uplift you on your journey toward personal growth, self-care, and empowerment.

9. The Saga Podcast

One listener describes this podcast as “A transparent & relatable Podcast about motherhood and an overall mommy guide working moms and working moms hosted by two prominent women in the industry.” The Suga is an enchanting podcast that serves as a heartfelt guide to the sweet life, designed explicitly for brown mamas. Join hosts Tika Sumpter and Thai Randolph as they take you on a captivating journey filled with laughter, learning, and love. Instead of simply “spilling the tea,” this podcast invites you to share The Suga, which goes beyond gossip and embraces the joy of sisterhood and motherhood. Each week, Tika and Thai celebrate the power of community, highlighting the experiences and perspectives of brown mamas. The Suga offers a nurturing space through candid conversations and insightful discussions where listeners can find inspiration, advice, and a genuine connection. So, get ready to indulge in the sweetness of life and join this uplifting celebration of sisterhood and motherhood with The Suga.

10. On One with Angela Rye

The thought-provoking podcast hosted by the incredible Angela Rye engages with the most authentic and candid responses to the crucial political, racial, and pop culture questions that dominate our world today. Tune in weekly as Angela fearlessly addresses pressing issues with unwavering honesty and intellect. With her unique perspective and wealth of knowledge, she dives deep into the topics that matter, providing listeners with thought-provoking insights and fresh perspectives. Whether it’s discussions on politics, race, or the latest in popular culture, On One with Angela Rye is your go-to source for candid, informed, and unapologetic conversations that spark meaningful dialogue and inspire critical thinking. Take advantage of this empowering and enlightening podcast that will keep you informed and engaged.