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Smiling Woman Having a Manicure by black nail tech

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Creating gorgeous nail art is no easy feat and finding the right nail tech can be annoying. It takes time, patience, and an exemplary skill level to achieve. While there are many nail artists and technicians in the industry, Black nail techs are genuinely in a league of their own.

It’s no secret that creativity and Black excellence go hand-in-hand. Since the beginning of time, our fellow Black creatives have been responsible for the trends that other cultures appropriate. The list goes on, from sleek baby hairs and cornrows to hoop earrings and bucket hats. So, it’s no surprise that long acrylic nails and bedazzled manicures – long worn by Black women – gained notoriety as a “trend” after white women quickly adopted the look. However, imitation continues to be the sincerest form of flattery, and Black creatives continue to persevere despite our trends being stolen.

Instagram serves as one of the main hubs for inspiration on the nail front, so it’s only right that we explore some of the best Black talent in the nail space. Lucky for you, we know a few Black nail tastemakers that know what it means to deliver a gorgeous manicure. Keep reading for 8 Black nail techs that’ll help you take your nail game to the next level.

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1. NailedByToots

Source:Courtesy of NailedByToots

If you’re not hip to the talent that is NailedByToots, it’s time for you to get familiar. The Brooklyn-based nail aficionado knows her way around the nail game. Whether you’re looking to nurse your natural nails back to health or simply looking for a gorgeous, innovative design, Toots knows how to deliver. From floral motifs to marble designs and everything in between, there’s nothing Toots can’t master.

2. NailsByCanishiea

Source:Courtesy of NailsByCanishiea

Calling all press-on nail lovers! You may want to tap in with Ms.Canishiea J. Same if you’re in the Sacramento, California area. Same has an Instagram feed full of manicures with funky shapes and patterns, gorgeous gemstones, negative space designs, and much more. 

3. Nails By Kia

Source:Courtesy of Nails By Kia

For the folks that fancy marble, graphic, and minimalistic designs, along with everything in between, Arizona-based nail tech Kia of L’mage Studio is your girl. One quick scroll through her IG feed takes you on a unique journey of creative expression that’ll surely pique your interest. 

4. TheNailPhilosophy

Source:Courtesy of TheNailPhilosophy

From a full-designed set to intricate artwork that varies nail by nail, Bronx, NY, nail artiste Tahsiyn Harley aka The Nail Philosophy, is in a league of her own. The mixed design artist offers a plethora of looks that include sweater-inspired nails, textured offerings, press-on nails, and more that feed your manicure fix.

5. Marsha Toussaint

Source:Courtesy of Marsha_Marsha_Nails

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha. The name of this super-talented nail artist is all you’ll be able to say after a session. Marsha is known for creating gorgeous gel, gel x, and acrylic sets that’ll change the way you look at your nails. Bedazzled nails? Check! Plaids and prints? Check? Glitter accents? Triple check! Anything you envision, Marsha can bring it to life.

6. Pressed By Tiny

Source:Courtesy of PressedByTiny

Like it or not, press-on nails are swiftly taking over the nail game. And one of the best to do it is none other than Tiny. Tiny may not be a nail tech, but her press-on nail company continues to defy all odds. Pressed By Tiny’s collection consists of a slew of designs perfect for the everyday look or special occasions. Plus, the artist shows clients how to apply the press-ons for maximum wearability. Best of all, all of Tiny’s reusable press-on sets are available for purchase.

7. Nyah Nail Artist

Source:Courtesy of NyahNailArtist

Nyah is the true epitome of minimalism at its finest. The Racine, Wisconsin, nail artist specializes in creating super clean and crisp designs that can easily pair well with your wardrobe. Luckily, if you’re not in the Racine area, you can order press-on nails and nail polishes by request.

8. TheEditorialNail

Source:Courtesy of TheEditorialNail

God took his time with Ms.Gracie J. The nail influencer has long been revered by nail lovers for her intriguing designs. Gracie’s work can be found in editorials magazines like InStyle and The Cut, and on the hands of today’s hottest celebrities, including Chloe Bailey. Gracie’s work is the true epitome of wear edge and high-fashion meet. One scroll through her page will leave you completely smitten.