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Apple Card Users Experience Major Issues Trying To Pre-Order iPhone 13

Source: Bloomberg / Getty

Customers excited to pre-order Apple’s iPhone 13 using their Apple Card met an unexpected issue this morning.

When it comes to Apple’s pre-order process regarding their devices, there are usually no issues. That was until early Friday morning (Sep.17). Enthusiastic Apple fans looking forward to using their Apple Cards to pre-order the iPhone 12s, oops, we mean iPhone 13 were shocked to see their Apple Cards failing as a payment method.

The card, introduced to the world in 2019, gives owners 3% cashback when they use their Apple Card to purchase any of Apple’s insanely popular products. The issue was so widespread that Apple Card is currently trending on Twitter and full of unhappy people’s tweets.

The problem might not just be an issue with Apple Cards, but with Apple’s whole system, one Twitter user hilariously pointed out that his normal card isn’t working either.

Again, this is extraordinary because Apple rarely suffers any issues when it comes to preordering their products, and if there is an issue, it is solved swiftly. Based on the reactions on Twitter, this problem with the Apple Card has gone on for hours.

Apple has yet to issue a statement on the matter.

You can peep more reactions about customer’s Apple Cards not being able to preorder the iPhone 13 in the gallery below.

Photo: Bloomberg / Getty

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