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Trump v Sanders

Source: Tonya Jameson / Tonya Jameson

A debate between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump may never happen, but the Comedy Zone gave fans a glimpse of what would happen if they did.

“Trump VS Bernie” featuring comedians James Adomian as Trump and Anthony Atamanuik as Sanders was a hilarious take on what would happen if the two candidates ever debated. Actually, it was better than a real debate, because it was raw, real raw.

Trump v Sanders

Source: Tonya Jameson / Tonya Jameson

There were sex jokes, drug jokes and more during the mock debate moderated by Derek Peezy James. Sanders as portrayed by Atamunik seemed like he stepped off George Clinton’s mothership. There was a lot of talk about weed, fairies and anything else that happens when you’re under the influence of hallucinogens. Atamunik’s imitation of Sanders’ wild hand gestures as if he was conducting an imaginary symphony was spot-on.

Trump as portrayed by Adomian was even funnier and more disturbing than the real Trump.

My favorite lines of the night:

Adomian as Trump: “The media in this country is addicted and they are addicted to watching the world burn down. They’re waiting for another 911 to happen again…I am it. I am 911 in a body.”

Trump v Sanders

Source: Tonya Jameson / Tonya Jameson

Atamanuik as Sanders: “Hail to the chief will be played by Phish and it will take 35 minutes.”

Adomian as Trump: “ I love guns. I have a gun on me right now. I can shoot anybody in here and they’ll vote for me…Give little kids in schools guns, little hooker guns – the small guns hookers carry.”

The comedians were funny, but I would be remiss without mentioning the audience. They chimed in their disgust when “Trump” made really ridiculous comments. He replied, “Get them out of here!”

You know it was definitely a good if the two comedians pretending to be candidates not only kept the audience laughing throughout the show, but even elicited heckling as if they were at a real debate.

Thankfully, no one threw chairs!

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