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Roland Martin caught up with Sec. Hillary Clinton over the past weekend to discuss the importance of the 2016 election and why she feels “the stakes in this election are higher than it’s ever been.”

Clinton touted the work her campaign is currently doing to mobilize voters, but said, “It all comes down to whether people will delegate the time to get out and vote.”

The GOP has conducted an insidious campaign to suppress the votes of African-Americans across the country by cutting early voting hours and instituting discriminatory voter ID laws around the nation. Despite these efforts to disenfranchise Black voters, Clinton told Martin she is “really encouraged” by the turnout in North Carolina and Florida.

Clinton said, “We have been fighting voter suppression from Florida to North Carolina to Ohio to Arizona and Pennsylvania. We really have seen what the effort was and how intense the Republican Party is concerned with people getting out and voting.”

To push back against these Republican-led efforts, the former Secretary of State said, “We are doing everything we can, we’ve tried to get the message out – do not be discouraged, fight for your right to vote.”

Clinton also explained during the exclusive interview there will be individuals at many polling places to help with voting irregularities. She said, “We’re going to be on the ready to help everybody [and] be sure they have whatever support they need to cast their vote in this election.”

One demographic of voters the Clinton campaign is very concerned about consists of young Black millennial voters. According to recent polls, there is an enthusiasm gap contributing to the group’s low-level support of Sec. Clinton.

When asked how will she make the case in the final hours before Tuesday’s pivotal election, Clinton said President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are out on the campaign trail explaining “everything is on the line.”

“People who are young have more at stake in this election than anybody else…It would be such a tragedy if progress made under President Obama – everything he inherited from a disastrous economic collapse to the wars that he inherited, everything that he has done to try to get us on a steady course as a nation and lift up every person in this country and make it clear that everyone has a place” was lost by way of a Trump presidency.

“My opponent and his supporters want to turn the clock back and who would take the biggest plunge? Young people in America and who of young people would take the biggest plunge? Young people of color,” said Clinton.

Watch Roland Martin and Sec. Hillary Clinton discuss the Democratic push in the final hours leading up to Election Day in the video clip above.


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