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Just when you think that living in a Donald Trump world is a nightmare, things get even more real.

Although president-elect Trump has said that he’ll appoint conservative Supreme Court justices who’ll want to change the Roe v. Wade ruling affirming abortion rights, he said he is “fine” with same-sex marriage being legal. However, William H. Pryor Jr., a conservative judge, is the prospective Supreme Court nominee that meets Trump’s approval who is against abortion and same-sex marriage.

Pryor’s rep is so bad that an advocacy group for LGBT people called Lambda Legal named him “the most demonstrably anti-gay judicial nominee in recent memory.” Way back in 2005, the group says that Pryor had “repeatedly shown clear hostility to the rights of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transgender people and those with HIV and also to women, people of color, disabled people and others.” 

But they’re strong opinions about the judge didn’t just stem from nowhere. In 2003, Pryor upheld a Texas law criminalizing consensual LGBT sex, which he compared to “polygamy, incest, pedophilia, prostitution, and adultery”. What’s more, he argued that states should be able to prosecute gay people as criminals. According to Pryor then, LGBT people as a group were not protected by the Constitution.

Lambda Legal’s executive director, Kevin Cathcart, said, “Several judges on the appeals court wanted to hear the case and said the law [that a judge cast a deciding vote that ultimately blocked Florida same-sex couples from adopting children in need of loving homes] raised serious and substantial questions but William Pryor kept that from happening. As a result, lesbians and gay men in Florida cannot adopt children who need permanent, loving homes.” 

A Trump-appointed Justice is likely to be in place by the spring of 2017.

Source: The Gaily Grind 

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