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Power book IV Force is one of them shows you have to binge over and over again. The entire cast was amazing, Season 2 Finale was one for the books. Will CBI gang stay in tact or will it come to a grand closing? Find out from Kris D Lofton aka Jernaud on the show. […]

Busta Rhymes gave a candid interview with DJ ACE during while touring with 50 Cent for the ‘Final Lap’ tour. He shared his admiration for winning the Bet Lifetime achievement award as well as celebrating fifty years of hip-hop. Check out the entire convo here!   It’s the evolving sound that makes me stand out, […]

Novi Brown is one of the amazing immaculate talents in the Black Film World. You’ve seen on various projects on multiple platforms ranging from Bet Plus to Tubi. What’s unique about her eclectic and thriving personality, is she’s big on protecting her piece and pushing the envelope for inspiring talents to come. Peep the exclusive […]

Ella Mai definitely had her heart on her sleeve with this new album. However; it was more about the growth with this interview! Peep it below and get inside the brains of 1 of R&B‘s most talented voices of today.     Ella Mai spoke about her journey and staying true to her dreams and […]

Bookie Thompson and the crew is a legit comedy show on VH1’s Black Ink Crew LA! Wether it’s good laughs or some drama…we’re here for it in the most blackest way possible LMAO!!! Peep this interview wit Bookie Thompson, where he drops a few gems for inspiring artists. Bookie got personal and spoke to his […]

DaniLeigh holiday weekend was a blast or should we say a ‘Hit’… The tasty singer was booked in Miami, early Tuesday morning after being arrested and charged with 3 felony counts of DUI hit and run! The alleged victim suffered a fractured spine…WELL DAMN! It’s been stated that she dragged the moped for a block, […]

Jess Hilarious called into the show and laid it out on the table. Hear her story, from Social Media to touring around the country. Find out who is keeping her happy during long days and nights. Outside of appearing on the syndicated Breakfast Club show, she’s got quite the busy schedule. Jess Hilarious is one […]

Laila Pruitt aka Nicole Flenory on the hit show BMF on starz! Let’s just say, its more to the series than you think. From College life to the big screen, she’s in her bag these days. Peep the candid interview with ACE and Laila. Get to know her for the awesome and wholesome Black Creative, […]

VH1’s Black Ink Crew LA returned to TV Monday Night, as let’s just say the vibes were very high. In fact, Nessie Blaze surprised us all when it was revealed, that she’s PREGOOOO! Peep the full interview below! Nessie Blaze is definitely on a new journey. She talked briefly on the good and thriving mental […]

A Charlotte family is seeking answers following a disturbing incident that was caught on camera by a fellow student. I talked with Deon Walker(Father), who was very disturbed at how the situation was handled.   Charlotte listeners jammed the phone lines, with comments and concerns for action!